WCF Team Page

Welcome to the Windy City Fencing Teams and congratulations on becoming a team member.  To returning members — welcome back!  Windy City Fencing is looking forward to another fun and successful season.

The Windy City Fencing Teams give fencers the opportunity to fence several times each week and to advance in their fencing skills.  The training program is designed to prepare fencers to compete at regional and national competitions while recognizing that may not be the goal of all team members.

In order to help the teams succeed and to facilitate communication between parents, fencers and coaches, Coach Tsanko has established team policies regarding class participation, lessons, competitions, coaching and promotion between teams.  Please feel free to contact Coach Tsanko with any questions you have about team policies and, throughout the year, any questions or concerns you have about your fencer.

Windy City Fencing Team Policies

1.  Team Overview

a.  The Bronze Team is for fencers who have advanced beyond the beginner’s classes, are ready to fence more than once a week and who are interested in competing.  Bronze Team members practice twice a week.

b.  The Silver Team is for fencers who have mastered the basic fencing skills taught in the beginner classes and/or on the Bronze team.  Most Silver Team members compete in regional and national competitions.  Silver team members practice four  times a week.

c.  The Gold Team is for fencers who have mastered the fencing skills taught on the Silver team.  Gold Team members fence at an advanced level and compete at national competitions.  Gold Team members practice four times a week.  Fencers at this level must exhibit the ability to be focused and self-directed during practice.

2.  Promotion between teams.  Placement on a team is determined by the age, ability and maturity of each individual fencer.  A fencer will be moved to the next level when he or she has mastered specific skills and has consistently shown the maturity to handle the more difficult practices of the next level.  Promotion to the next level will be gradual.  The transition will begin with the fencer attending one or two practices/week at the next level.  The fencer will then receive a formal invitation to join the more advanced team.  Coach Tsanko makes team placement decisions.

3.  Pre-Season Conferences.  Coach Hantov would like to have a brief conference with each fencer and his/her parents before the season starts.  The purpose of these meetings will be to discuss each fencer’s current skill level and set goals for the year.  Coach Tsanko  will also be able to advise the fencer on which competitions and events they are ready for.  Please e-mail Coach Tsanko (coach@windycityfencing.com) to set-up a conference time.  In addition, Coach Tsanko is always available throughout the year to discuss a fencer’s progress, competitions or other matters.

4.  Private Lessons.  It is strongly recommended that competitive fencers supplement their practices with private  lessons each week.

Silver and Gold Team members : around 25 min lesson time / $ 35/.
Bronze Team members : lesson time 20 min / $ 25/.

5.  Payments.  The Menomonee Club requires an auto-charge system for team payment.  Please e-mail the Menomonee Club for any questions about billing.  Payment for private lessons should be given directly to Coach Hantov.  There is no refund for classes cancelled due to National Holidays, and there is no refund when a fencer misses practice.

6.  Rescheduled Classes.  During the competition season (October-July), coaches  will be traveling to competitions with the competitive fencers.  When coaches are gone, classes will be covered by an assistant coach whenever possible.  There may be times when no assistant coach is available.  In that case missed classes will be rescheduled.  Classes will only be rescheduled when absolutely necessary and should be looked at as a part of belonging to a competitive club.

7.   Coaching at Competitions.  Priority for coaching at competitions will be based on the following order:  1.  International Competitions; 2.  North American Cups (NACs) and Summer Nationals; 3.  SYC (Super Youth Circuit) events in which 5 or more Windy City fencers are competing; 4.  RYC (Regional Youth Circuit) events; 5.  Windy City Fencing home competitions; and 6.  Other local competitions.

8.   Competition sign-up procedure.  In order to keep travel expenses as low as possible, fencers must confirm their attendance at an out-of-state competition 45 days before the event.

9.  Coaching Expenses.  At all competitions except Summer Nationals, the coach’s travel expenses will be divided per fencer.  At Summer Nationals, transportation expenses will be divided per fencer.  Hotel and meal expenses will be divided based on the number of events each fencer competes in.  Payment is due for expenses 2 weeks before the event.  Once invoices are sent, there will be no refund if the fencer cancels.  Coach Tsanko will reimburse everyone if his actual expenses are less than his projected expenses.

10.   Coaching Fee.  The fee for coaching during competitions is $50 for the first event and $30 for each additional event.  Please pay Coach Tsanko directly, two weeks before the competition.

Please note: In the event that two Windy City Fencers are fencing each other in an event, there will be no coaching.

11.   Equipment.

a.     Fencers are expected to have their own equipment after 3 months on the Bronze Team or 2 months on the Silver Team.  Gold Team members are expected to have their own equipment.  Fencers with their own equipment must bring at least two working blades to practice.

b.     Coach Tsanko has equipment brochures and, if you would like, he can order equipment for you.

c.    The WCF armorer can provide you with a price list for repairs.